About Me

Hi, I’m Emily.

I’m eighteen years old, obsessed with all things Disney, plan on moving to Paris and New York one day, and have a Lorelai Gilmore-esque love for coffee. I love reading (specifically young adult books – which my friends endlessly tease me about!),  travelling (at any one time I have an open document planning my next (sometimes imaginary) trip), melodramatic TV shows, and writing.

I’m currently studying Psychology, Criminology, Journalism and History at university, but I have absolutely no idea what I will end up doing with my life – but I would love to do something that involves writing.

I chose the name for this blog, “never let the fear”, as a long standing reminder to myself of a quote from A Cinderella Story: “never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game”. This quote is what I repeat to myself every time I’m too scared to chase after something I really would like to pursue.

If you’d like to contact me directly (whether it be for business or just to say hi), my email address is neverletthefear95@gmail.com or you can find me on Twitter here. Otherwise, please feel free to comment on one of my posts 🙂



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