San Francisco Index


San Francisco is one of my favourite places to visit in the world – it is my real life happy place! Below are some handy links that I hope will help you plan your visit to this awesome city (my number #1 tip – make sure you visit Ghiradelli Square! The chocolate there is totally drool worthy). This section is constantly being updated, so always check back if a link isn’t up yet 🙂

– Guide To Planning a San Francisco Vacation

-Hotel Reviews

– Activity Reviews

– Restaurant and Cafe Reviews

– San Francisco Savings – discounts, coupons and tips and tricks that will save you money!

– San Francisco FAQs

– Daily Itineraries (1 day, 2 day and 3 day).

If there’s anything which I haven’t covered and you have a question about, you feel like making me jealous with pictures of Ghiradelli, or you want to know if I think Alcatraz is haunted (YES), feel free to send me an email at .


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