2015 Update

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the absence (I feel like I say that way too much – my own fault for neglecting this blog so much)! I work in retail, so as you can imagine, these last few months have been crazy busy with work, with 6am shifts, and overtime and so, so, so many Christmas carols (the thought of getting our radio to ‘mysteriously disappear’ went through my mind more than once). I really like my job, so it was fun as well as a little (… or a lot..) stressful.

In 6 weeks, I’m jet setting off to America for a month! One of my good friends is coming with me for the first two weeks (not going to lie, I feel a little worried that we may get on each other’s nerves by day two) and I’m travelling solo for the last two. I’m visiting LA, San Francisco, Orlando, New York and Boston. If you have any tips or must-dos, please let me know in the comments! 🙂

I’m going to aim to post more on this blog (I say that every time, I know, I know) and focus more on turning it into a ‘diary style’ blog.

Happy New Years!


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