Life Update and Apologies


I’m really sorry I haven’t posted anything. Life has been pretty crazy. Even now, I’m sitting in the Law library at my university and I really should be finishing my psychology assignment that’s due in two days. I had an exam this morning, and I have two more assignments due next week, but that’s life for you.

To recap my life since I’ve last posted:

– I applied for the Disney International College Program

– I interviewed for the Disney ICP

– I was rejected from the Disney ICP 😦

– Uni has been crazy busy

– Work has been crazy busy, and I’ve been working 6 day weeks, at two different stores

– It was my 19th birthday

– I’ve decided I’m going to take a semester off uni next year, and go travelling in America instead

– I’ve started planning my trip

That’s pretty much it. My life is boring, I know. I promise I will write more… I’m not going to promise to stick to a schedule, because we all know how that turned out! I’m also going to write a bit more on travelling solo and my tips for that, plus reviews of hotels and such.

Sorry this was so quick, but I really don’t have free time at the moment between uni and work, but I felt too guilty to not post anything!

What’s new in your life? Let me know in the comments!


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