#Busy #Sorry

So… That blogging schedule, huh?

So much for that. 


I’ve been busy. I know that’s the crappiest excuse ever but I’ve pretty much had no time to write lately. This past week, I haven’t had a day with nothing on – I’ve had babysitting, work, and/ or uni every single day. I have the same crazy week this week, as well. I have a journalism assignment due this week, I have to write my friend’s birthday present this week, and I will (hopefully) have a Disney College Program interview next Tuesday!  

So I never actually mentioned that I applied for the Disney International College Program, did I? Yeah, that happened. I saw the stall at my university on Wednesday (two days before apps were due),decided it was fate, and applied. It’s something I desperately want to do, and fingers crossed I get in. (Please, Disney Gods!). 

(I may or may not have asked the Book of Answers whether I would get in. It’s this weird book we have at work, which is like the book form of a Magic 8 ball. My friend and I have this running joke that it always predicts our futures correctly – ever since she asked it if she would get her first kiss when she went to South Africa, and she did. Of course I had to consult it on whether or not I would get accepted into the program… Let’s just say I hope it was right on this instance as well!) 

i’ve kind of given up on the blogging schedule – I think that was a bit too ambitious for me. This time, I’m going to aim for one post a week, and I’ll work from there. 

What’s been happening in your lives? Let me know in the comments!






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