TV Shows Review Roundup

Today I thought I might do review round up of some TV shows  I’ve discovered lately. I’ll rate them 1-10, with 1 being truly awful, something I really don’t recommend, and 10 being YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE, RIGHT NOW, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING BY STILL READING THIS, GO WATCH IT.

First up, the TV shows:

– Finding Carter (8/10). 


You will love this show if: you like TV shows about angst- filled, melodramatic teens, you like suspense, and you like hate-loving (when you love to hate a particular character) characters. I, for one, love these types of shows, and I am addicted to Finding Carter. It’s about this girl named Carter who was kidnapped when she was three years old, and grew up thinking her kidnapper was her real mother. Thirteen years later, a series of events leads her to being reunited with her biological family, and the drama attached with it. That is my basic, spoiler free synopsis, but it is SO GOOD – and so much better than I could even describe with words. Go watch an episode so we can talk about it together!

Young and Hungry (7.5/10)


Don’t judge this show on its’ premise. Basically, this girl becomes a personal chef for a millionaire, but, you guys, it’s SO MUCH BETTER THAN IT SOUNDS. If you liked the 90s TV show The Nanny, you’ll love this show because it’s like a reinterpreted version of that show. Also, if you like sexual innuendos you’ll love it, because there are sexual innuendos, and they’re hilarious, and it’s so much better than I was expecting.

– Faking It (7/10). 


Not nearly as good as Finding Carter, but has way more angst. Faking It surrounds these two teenage girls who want to be popular – and figure out that if they pretend to be lesbians, they will be. I’ve only watched one episode so far, but it’s romantic, funny, and full of the high school drama that is so fun to watch (just not so fun to experience IRL!).

– Girl Meets World (6/10). 


The “sequel” to Boy Meets World, this show is just as funny as the original. Despite being for a younger audience (I’m assuming 9-12 year olds, don’t judge me for watching), I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really recommend you check it out if you want something funny, non drama filled, and just the kind of TV show that makes you smile.

– Mystery Girls (3/10). 


I tried to love this show. I really, really, really did…. but… I just don’t. I think the synopsis is good, and I think they had the chance to make it great – when I heard about the synopsis, I thought it would be somewhat similar to Veronica Mars, just with more comedy, but no. First of all, the first episode they released, which was actually the third episode of the series, left me confused and cringing at the “jokes”. We’ve all seen the power ABC Family writers have to make awesome, smart, funny TV shows, especially when they don’t underestimate the intelligence of their audience (think Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, any other ABC Family show except this one).  This show just lacks the certain something that makes the other shows so great. Also, they make Tori Spelling the ‘dumb blonde’ – didn’t she get enough of that typecasting from 90210?!

Have you watched any of the shows I’ve mentioned? What do you think of them? What TV shows should I start watching? Let me know in the comments!

PS. Tune in tomorrow for health(ier) ‘diner’ food recipes – featuring cheeseburger, fries, and caramel-apple pie!


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