My Plan for This Blog

In an effort to (pretend) I’m an organised human being, and to get myself to write  more, I thought I might try posting five days a week. I promise to try and commit to the schedule, but don’t hate me if I start slacking off a bit when exam time rolls around! This is how I’m going to (attempt) to structure my posts:

‘My thoughts’ Monday: book reviews, TV and movie reviews, hotel reviews, beauty product reviews, etc – basically anything I experience, you’ll get a review about it.

‘Tips and Tricks’ / Travelling  Tuesday: recipes, hacks, tips, etc – anything which I think might be somewhat helpful (yet interesting).  As I’m not that wise, and don’t have that many helpful tips, I’m going to be alternating this with ‘travelling Tuesday’ – five sites/ restaurants/ shops/ etc  from a particular city in the world that I’d love to go to.

‘Wacky’ Wednesday: things I found funny/ am loving that particular Wednesday.

‘Tag’ Thursday:  every week I’ll be completing a ‘tag’ myself, or asking someone else questions from a particular tag. Please feel free to comment or tweet me particular tags you want completed!

 ‘Free’ Friday: by free, I mean that Fridays won’t really have a theme – they’ll be almost journal entries; just updates on what I’ve done that week; funny things I’ve overheard; anything really.

This won’t be starting until Monday (Australian time), but make sure to subscribe to this blog, or follow me on twitter to know exactly when my posts go live! Also, please let me know (via comments or ‘likes’,) which posts you like and which you’re not that fond of,  so I know how to improve!

Hope you have a great rest of your week!



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