My Favourite (Healthier) Go-To Snack Recipe

You know those days when you’re out and about and you’re seriously hungry and you just want something chocolatey and yummy and totally not good for you? So you go and eat a brownie but then you instantly feel bad because you shouldn’t eat a brownie, you really should have eaten something like a celery stick, which tastes disgusting but is much healthier? 

Yeah. That was pretty much my life – until, I started making this trail mix, and carrying little tubs of it around with me. It’s not nearly as healthy as a celery stick, but it’s chocolatey and yummy, and won’t blow all your calories like a brownie would. It’s also easily portion controlled, and the nuts will fill you up the way a brownie wouldn’t. 

The batch I made cost $22 to make, but it made approximately 25 serves – making it also a cost effective snack for your bank account as it works out to be only $0.88 per serve (give or take, depending on how much the ingredients cost for you). 

Here’s the recipe I use, but feel free to alter to your tastes. If you decide to make the trail mix, tweet me and tell me what you think of it! 🙂


– 50g Honey Roasted Cashews

– 50g Cinnamon Cashews

– 50g French Vanilla Almonds 

– 50g Salted Cashews 

– 50g Salted Macadamias 

-110g Dried Cranberries 

– 110g Sultanas

– 110g Dried Apple pieces 

– 110g Dried Apricot pieces 

– 110g Milk Chocolate mini drops 

– 110g White Chocolate mini drops 

– 200g Natural Cashews

– 200g Natural Almonds

– 200g Natural Walnuts 

– 200g Natural Macadamias 

-200g Natural Pecans

The serving size I used was between 40-100 grams, depending on the size of the tub I had on hand and how healthy I had been eating that day + how hungry I was. For instance, if I was having trail mix for an on-the-go lunch, I would have 100 grams, but if I just wanted a snack on my ten minute break at work, and I had already had lunch, I would have 40-50 grams. 

My next recipe will be an incredibly easy, healthy (yet delicious), 2 ingredient dessert that only takes 10 minutes to make. Tune in next time to catch that one! 

What’s your favourite snack? Let me know in the comments! 


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