My Tip For Organising Your Bag

I am completely disorganised. The only place I’m organised is my bookcase – all of my books are alphabetical, according to the author’s last name. Everything else in my life, however, is completely disorganised – it’s not uncommon that I can’t find something I own; whether it be a piece of clothing, a DVD, or most recently, the portable CD drive for my laptop. I’ve been trying to be more organised lately, and one of the biggest changes I’ve made is how I organise my handbag/ bag I take to uni. My handbag has always been a hodgepodge of old receipts, bobby pins and hair elastics, and granola bar wrappers (whoops), as well as the essentials. Not too long ago I found one of my (dirty) make up brushes floating around my hand bag – needless to say, that was thrown away immediately (can you say extra bacteria, much?). I recently decided to change my handbag organisation techniques (or lack thereof), and came up with a system so that everything was organised and nothing was floating around my bag: pencil cases! This is the bag I use for uni (but my version is pink) in case you’re wondering – it holds everything featured in this post, and it never feels too bulky:

kate spade
Find it here.

Right now I have five small pencil cases in my bag, each containing the essentials I need in my bag (these “essentials” may be different to what you consider “essentials” – my definition is quite broad, haha!). Rather than posting pictures of my pencil cases which are quite old and you can’t really get anymore, I’ve posted pictures of super cute pencil cases I found which I would totally buy if I had money! *Also, quick disclaimer: nothing I mention was given to me, nor was this post in anyway sponsored. All the links are to things that I would personally buy/ I personally want, and I receive no compensation for including these links/ promoting these products.* Pencil Case #1 contains: 

pencil case 1
I love anything to do with Paris. Find it here.

– My 2014 diary (I have the 2014 version of this one) and a pen, so I can record important dates/ work I need to complete for uni. Pencil Case #2 contains:

pencil case 2
Readers, meet my love life. Find it here for $9.95.

– A small hairbrush, bobby pins and hair elastics – Deodorant (I walk to work and university, so sometimes a top up is needed!) – My favourite five lip glosses (‘vanilla birthday cake’ from Philosophy, ‘scarlet fever’ from Napoleon Perdis, ‘A-lister’ from Benefit, ‘caramel kiss’ from  Napoleon Perdis, and ‘Berry Bold juicy tube’ from Lancome) and a chapstick. – Two mini travel size perfumes (both from Taylor Swift’s range – ‘Enchanted’ and ‘Wonderstruck‘). – My sunglasses – My keys Pencil Case #3 contains:

pencil case 3
If I could justify another pencil case, I would totally buy it. Find it here for $3.00!

– An emergency $10 (just in case I need cash and I don’t have my wallet) – Hand sanitiser – Tissues – A tin of trail mix  (I made my own trail mix in bulk and transferred a little into a tin) – Hand cream – Panadol – Woman-ly personal items (if you get my drift) Pencil Case #4 

pencil case 4
My Disney obsession is slightly out of control. Find it here for $9.95.

– A travel size tube of sunscreen – A tin of mints – a USB – Bandaids – An emergency $10 Pencil Case #5:

pencil case 5
You might be noticing I have a serious obsession with Typo as well – they just have the cutest stuff, in my opinion! Find it here for $9.95.

– Pens – Highlighters – Sticky notes (for really cool ones, click here!) – Mini note pad (I have this one) Normally, I also have a novel, an umbrella and my wallet in my bag, but if I’m going to uni, I’ll also include my laptop and a notebook. What are your handbag “essentials”? What is your favourite stationery store/ brand? Which pencil case featured is your favourite? Let me know in the comments! ❤


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