Writing is Hard, Y’all.

I’m writing a book. Actually, scrap that – I’m attempting to write a book. Attempting being the operative word. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for ages and I always get really into it for a few days, then forget about it; the idea never to be touched again. 

The one I’m currently working on has been the idea I’ve stuck to for the longest yet – I’ve been working on it since December. Then today, I went in and read what I had so far – and it just wasn’t flowing. Some parts I liked, some just felt forced and awkward, like when you’re on a blind date with someone whom you really aren’t getting along with. 

So I scrapped most of it; just keeping the characters and the basic premise, and I started all over again. Everything just seems to flow in my head; then I try and put it on paper and it’s just ugh. 

Something which is really helping is this blog written by popular author Laini Taylor. I suggest any budding writers out there check it out. 

Have any of you tried to write a book? What are your favourite books? 


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