High School Friends After High School

I wasn’t really close to my group in high school – most of the friends I was closest to in high school had transferred schools years before graduation. The girls I ended up being friends with for the rest of my time there, I just wasn’t close to. We had nothing in common, with the exception that we went to the same school.

Now, since I’ve graduated, I only keep in touch frequently with one person from high school – and I recently met up for lunch with another friend, and it was completely and utterly awkward.

It’s weird, you know, not seeing – or talking- to someone for months and months, and then catching up and just not knowing what to share about what has happened in your life. Things that seem important to share to someone you talk to daily, just don’t seem important to share with people you haven’t been in contact with for months.

So you end up, just sitting there over coffees, talking about YouTube videos and TV shows and nothing of substance, hiding the fact that you really know nothing about each other anymore – and neither of you really wants to put in the effort to remedy that.

Some people are just friends for convenience – you’re both put in the same situation and it’s just convenient to be friends. That doesn’t mean that you didn’t like each other, it just means it might not be a long term friendship.

Have you ever experienced this? What were your friends in high school like?


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