My Biggest Tip For Studying

I hate studying – it’s so boring. I would rather write an assignment than study for an exam. That being said, though, my biggest tip for studying is to relate it to you, personally, or something you’re interested in. If you make those links in your brain, rather than just reading and highlighting the material, you’ll be more likely to remember it when you get tested on it. 

Like, for instance, for my history subject I have to remember the name “William Dampier” and the semi-war he was involved in. For me, the natural connection is Dampier = Dhampir (from Vampire Academy). Dhampirs = fighters. 

For my psychology subject, I had to remember that neuro- cultural behaviour is behaviour that is changes depending on cultural rules, and what society deems acceptable. In my brain, it made sense to go neuro = Derek Shepard (a neurologist on Grey’s Anatomy). Derek Shepard –> Meredith Grey = Meredith and Derek change their behaviour depending on what culture they’re in and who’s around them. 

It seems like a weird way to remember the material, but I find it often helps me. Have you tried this technique? Do you hate studying, too? What study tips do you have? Let me know in the comments!



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