“Chasing Life” Review

april carver
April Carver, the protagonist on ABC Family’s new show Chasing Life. Image Courtesy of ABCFamily.com/ Disney-ABC Television Group/ The Walt Disney Company

As I mentioned in my last post, ABC Family is gracing us with a whole bunch more crazy, wacky drama-filled shows this month. I, of course, am addicted to these shows because my life isn’t drama filled enough (that was sarcasm) and because I don’t have a social life (that was a joke …mostly).

Naturally, when their newest show “Chasing Life” aired I entered into it with trepidation because the plot sounded a little… underwhelming.

I needn’t have worried, you guys. It was crazy good. I’m going to describe the plot for you twice  with a whole bunch of other pop culture references, because that’s the way my brain organises information. Sorry for any weird references that you may not get.

 So basically, April Carver, (the protagonist) is Izzie Stevens if Izzie dropped out of medical school, never met Alex and decided to do journalism instead. She’s a recently out-of-college journalist, who just wants to be recognised for all her hard work (i.e. wants her boss to know her name, and actually let her write an article). So, taking a page from Veronica Mars, she comes up with a plan to get an interview with the Boo Radley of sport (I feel like he’s a football player, but don’t quote me on it) who just got out of rehab (but doesn’t do drugs, pinky swear) but refuses to do interviews with any journalists. They’re at a blood bank, because apparently he’s doing a charity blood drive for altruistic reasons and not to gain publicity. After two failed attempts at sneaking past the “no journalists allowed” sign, she goes to her Uncle George’s office (who conveniently works in the building) and, despite not talking to him for years because he didn’t even go to her dad’s funeral, begs him to sneak her through. He agrees, blah blah blah, they figure out a plan for her to pretend to be someone who has just given blood. So there she is, sitting in a medical chair at what I hope is the Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital (I don’t understand what the point of Disney owning ABC Studios and ABC Family if they’re not going to do crossover episodes at every possible chance they get, just saying), when Boo strolls up. They chat about how she’s a huge fan; she’s just given blood; she’s not a journalist AT ALL, oh and btw did you really do drugs?

Boo, as well as being very attractive, is also quite smart. He susses out she’s a journalist; she conveniently faints. Fast forward a few more scenes, because I don’t want to spoil too much of the episode for you, but it turns out she’s got cancer! (Like I said: Izzie Stevens). She doesn’t tell her family because her mother is just dating for the first time, her sister is too busy dating a loser guy and getting into horrible situations April needs to save her from, and I can’t remember why she doesn’t tell her grandmother. She doesn’t tell her love interest either (for those of you wondering, Boo is not her love interest which is something I am not very happy with) and the only person who knows is estranged Uncle George.

She goes to her father’s grave and tells him she’s not ready to die and will fight. And, THEN, there’s a major cliffhanger. Which, coincidentally, is also exactly the same cliffhanger which happened on the most recent episode of The Fosters.

In short: I will be tuning in next week. If the pilot is anything to go on, this show will probably be pretty damn good.

Let me know in the comments if you watched it – what did you think? Will you be tuning in next week? If not, what’s your favourite show?



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