TV Shows Coming Soon That Y’all Should Be Excited For

With Pretty Little Liars* finally re-airing (I know that’s not really a concept, I’m sorry, I’m tired, everything I learned at school has left me since I graduated and my brain has just become mashed potatoes filled with Gilmore Girls references and endless blog post ideas that will never happen because I won’t remember them five minutes later) last week, renewing my addiction to that show almost as much as I’m addicted to coffee, I thought I might do a blog post on all the new shows that are premiering/ re-airing (I’m making that a concept. As they say in Cougar Town, change approved) in the next few months. Here goes:


1. The Fosters – returning on Monday! 

Y’all, I love the Fosters. I even propositioned myself to Jake T. Austin, who plays one of the characters. You can see my Craiglist-type ad for being Jake’s girlfriend here. Quick summary of the show: so, basically, there’s a family made up of two lesbian moms, one of the mom’s biological sons, their two adopted kids, and two kids that they foster when one of them goes to juvie. I’m sorry, that’s an awful explanation, but I’m trying not to spoil anything. It’s like Orange is the New Black cross with Full House cross with The Brady Bunch if Piper was a teenager and got rescued from juvie by a lesbian- and- much- cooler- version of Carol Brady. If you don’t want to be bothered watching the first episode but still want to know what it’s about, read this recap of the Pilot episode by 

Just, please, watch it. It’s amazing. 


2. Mystery Girls – premiering June 25th! 

Okay, disclaimer: I’ll watch anything that is on ABC Family. I trust ABC Family with my television and my time. That’s why, even though this show sounds a little…. unique, I’m going to watch at least the first few episodes. Plus, Tori Spelling and Jeannie Garth play the main characters, and I’m kinda hoping they might throw a few 90210 references in for old times’ sake. Basically, the synopsis of the show is: two women, who used to star on a hit 90s show together (see! 90210 reference already!) come together to solve a crime and then open their own crime solving agency, ala Veronica Mars. Like I said, the premise is… something that hasn’t been done before. 


3. Young & Hungry – premiering June 25th!

Yes, another ABC Family show *hides head in shame*. It’s also another unique idea for a show, and another show that I will give a chance because I don’t have a life and use my calendar to map out when my shows air (I lie. My calendar is empty and it’s just there for decoration). So, this one is pretty much if Maria from the Sound of Music was a chef instead of a bona fide nanny – there is a girl who is hired to be a chef, who “possibly [finds] a new love”. Righty-o, I’ll be adding that to my TV lineup. 

4. Jane The Virgin 

Okay, this one is on The CW, so at least there’s one non ABC Family show on this list! From what I gather, Jane is a virgin who gets pregnant. The CW says this is coming this Fall, but I don’t live in America so I don’t really get when that is. Nevertheless, I do like some of The CW’s shows, so I will be watching this… Whenever it airs. 

*Someone, somewhere, made a rule or a societal norm that you should italicise the names of TV shows and books and things like that, but because I italicised the word after the title, and it looked weird, I just bolded them. I don’t know why, I just felt it necessary. 

Also, over on, where I actually sound coherent and use real words, I got in a debate with Keira Knightley (she doesn’t really know that we did though, because I’m not on her radar). Anyway, check it out here


What shows do you watch? What shows are you excited for? Any shows you think I’d like? Let me know in the comments! 



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