Dealing With Friends That Have Different Values To You

My friends and I are similar people, yet totally different at the same time. We all have different values and belief systems, and I feel like there’s a line of which ones you can debate about and which ones you can’t.  Personally, I’m happy to debate with anyone over my belief that animal testing (especially on cosmetics) is wrong. That being said though, many of my friends and I have very different ideologies towards religion, and that’s not something I’m happy debating about, simply because I don’t want to offend anyone with my beliefs. 

That being said though, I was having dinner with a group of people last night and one of my friends said something that was undoubtedly homophobic. I was at a bit of a crossroad with whether or not I should say something to her. The sad fact is, as much as I think she’s a great person, she is homophobic, and she doesn’t care. She has gay family members close to her, and she knows I do as well. I’ve avoided talking to her about this topic, because I know that she and I have extremely different views. 

I felt like I was in an extremely awkward situation, because I wanted to tell her why what she said was wrong, but I also didn’t want to ruin what was a good night, and, quite possibly, a good friendship. I value her friendship, I just extremely disagree with this particular belief of hers. I think everyone is entitled to their own belief systems and ideologies, but it becomes a struggle to uphold this belief when they disagree with something that I so passionately believe in. 

Have you ever been in a similar situation? What did you do? 



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