Why I’m Quitting Creative Writing (and a review on my other uni subjects)

When I first picked my subjects  for semester 1, it was partially careful consideration of what I enjoyed in high school (History), what I was interested in (Psychology), what I liked to do (Creative Writing) and something completely random which just seemed interesting (Criminology). I also considered doing Journalism, Film and Television and French.

Now, almost at the end of my first semester, I have to start choosing courses for next semester (duh).  Next semester I’ve chosen to drop Creative Writing, which really surprised me. Here’s my review on my subjects from this semester.

Creative Writing 

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I really thought I would enjoy this course, and to a degree, I did. I liked being able to write and get marks for it, but that’s about it. I really didn’t like having to put names to different “aspects” of writing (like a ‘focaliser’ – what is a focaliser you ask? Something which I really don’t care about. I don’t write and think to myself “I need to have a focaliser in this” or “I need a third person narrator in this”, I just write.)  In my opinion, it made writing too technical. I also hated having to write 250 word stories (IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO WRITE A FULL STORY IN 250 WORDS, JUST NO).

When I looked at the Creative Writing subjects open to me next semester and even next year, I was just like… Thanks, but no thanks. So, I’ve decided to drop it.


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I’ve really enjoyed this course. We’ve learned about different types of manipulation, babies, what affects juries and much more. I also found the lecturers were really good and the lectures were interesting. I’m not really looking forward to writing the assignment, a lab report, though, because I really struggle with that type of writing. I like to be able to use creative metaphors and write in what I call “ten year old words” (words a ten year world would be able to understand) instead of “smarter” words. I did Developmental Psychology, instead of Cognitive Psychology, and I would really recommend it to anyone who is interested in the way people “work”.

Australian History 

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Ugh. I knew I wouldn’t like this course very much, mainly because I have done Australian History for too many years at school and I am so OVER it – however, it was a prerequisite for doing any other history courses, namely the ‘America in Film’ course I want to take next year. I also really hate the lectures, and stopped going to them in week 3 because I found I could teach myself more than I could learn in the lectures. Wikipedia was more helpful than the lectures were, in all honesty.  Like I said, though, I’m only doing it so I can do AIF next year, so I’ll keep doing it next semester.


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This too, was really interesting. We learned about criminals (obviously) which also really helped when I was learning about juries in Psych. We also learned about what makes people think a neighbourhood was ‘dangerous’ rather than ‘safe’, which was kind of boring, but necessary for our assignment. I’m going to keep doing this next semester as well, because overall, it was really interesting.

So I have a decision to make – when I drop Creative Writing, should I pick up Journalism or Film and Television? Both look really interesting. Is anyone out there doing/ has done either of those and have any advice for me? Is anyone else doing any of the same courses I am? What do you think of your subjects? Let me know in the comments!


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