My Time Travelling Alone: the Good, the Bad, the Random and the Scary.

In February, I travelled to America by myself. I spent 9 days (not very long, but it was my first time travelling overseas alone, and I didn’t know if I would hate it or not) by myself, before I met up with family. I spent 6 nights in Orlando (Florida) and 2 nights in New York City, and I had an amazing time – that’s not to say that there weren’t some times I wished I had a travelling companion, though. Here’s my review (and a few of my photos) on travelling alone : the good, the bad, the random and the ugly.



1. Staying at Disney. 

Choosing to go to Disney World alone, and staying on Disney property was one of the best decisions I made. The best two things about staying on Disney property were free wifi (every where, even at the parks) and free transportation (to/from the airport, to all the other hotels, to the parks and to Downtown Disney). This made communicating at home really easy, and also alleviated any stress that would come with trying to figure out my own transportation everywhere.

One of the main reasons I chose to go to Disney World on this solo trip, was because I had been there heaps of times and I knew my way around, and I knew that I wouldn’t necessarily feel as worried being alone at Disney as I would in a major city. I didn’t find being at Disney World alone lonely – in fact, I found it kind of liberating! As I was a single rider, I never had to wait more than 15 minutes for any ride, even when the posted wait time was 90+ minutes. I also liked being able to go to a Disney park in the mornings, get my fill of rides, then catch one of Disney’s buses to one of their awesome hotels and explore around. I really enjoyed just being able to do whatever I felt like with my days, even when that sometimes meant having a ‘break’ day to catch up with laundry and spend the morning in bed, watching Disney Channel and eating tie-dye cheesecake (yes, my hotel had tie-dye cheesecake and it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life).

2. Meeting my editor in New York! That was really cool.




1. On my flight to Los Angeles, I ended up sitting next to my grade 2 teacher’s husband. That was really random! He introduced himself after seeing that I was wearing my school ski trip hoodie, and he asked if I knew his wife.

2. On my flight to Orlando, I sat next to a Walt Disney Imagineer. That was also really random, because I too work for Disney.



1. When Disney tried to send me and my bags to Akron, Ohio instead of NYC. Look out for a full report on this coming soon!

2. Choosing a hotel in New York that didn’t have cable. I mourned the loss of ABC Family, let me tell you.

3. Not staying at Disney longer. In all honesty, Disney was really the highlight of my time alone, and I wished I had stayed longer.

4. The weather in New York. I love snow, but I’m not a huge fan of blizzards.


Even though I gave myself a “curfew” I still got to visit my favourite New York places… Including the best bookstore in the world (in my opinion), Strand.

1. Being the only one on the bus coming back from the Magic Kingdom one night, and the bus driver looked like Mr Harvey from The Lovely Bones and my brain was having a mini freak out, thinking I was about to live my very own horror movie and probably die. To be honest, though, the bus driver turned out to be really nice and we chatted about his teenage daughter who wanted a car but hasn’t learned to drive yet.

2. Getting lost in New York on my first night. For some stupid reason, I went walking around Times Square at like 8pm, and then I wandered too far and got lost and started walking down dark streets because my hotel was on a dark street and I couldn’t remember which dark street, and I started feeling like I was living an episode of Bones; the beginning where we see what the person was doing on the night they died. Eventually, I went into a Duane Reade, looked up my hotel on Google, and walked really, really, really fast back to my hotel for what felt like an hour but was probably just ten minutes. After that, I gave myself a curfew and made myself get back to my hotel before sunset, which was like 3pm, which was really boring because the TV in my room didn’t have cable.

Have you ever been to Orlando or New York? What were your favourite things to do there? Where is your favourite place that you’ve travelled to? Have you ever travelled alone? Do you have any questions for me about travelling alone? Let me know in the comments!


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