My Week In Gifs

1. Basically what I’ve done all day

new girl
Image Courtesy of huffington post

2. When I realised my favourite author lectures at a university I’m thinking of going on an exchange to

kristen bell
Image Courtesy of

3. When I heard Akron, Ohio being referenced in Gilmore Girls (I’m convinced that the fates are trying to send me to Akron. More on that in a future post).

Image Courtesy of Wikia

4. When a customer told me her 38 year old son just got his first girlfriend

Photo Courtesy of savetheinternet

5. When my friend cancelled on me for dinner at the very last minute

ts sg
Image Courtesy of Perez

6. When I got asked who I socialise with on Friday nights

Photo Courtesy of tumblr

7.  When my bosses bought us a huge box of chocolate for Easter

Photo Courtesy of crushable

8. When my work bought a fireman calendar and the one for this month is reallyyyyyyyyyy hot

Photo Courtesy of

9. When my editor liked my idea for this week’s Babble blog post. 

Image Courtesy of

10. When the really hot guy next to me at the gym farted

ew emma
Image Courtesy of Celeb Quote

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