The Best Books I’ve Read Lately…

I read, a lot. Like, on average, 150-200 books a year. I own over 3,000 books, because what can I say? I honestly love to read. I’m in the middle of a book at the moment, which I’m struggling through – and it won’t make this list. The protagonist is very religious, and, to me, it’s weird to read a book where the character mentions God in every second sentence, especially a book written in 2013. I went to a very religious school, so I’m used to hearing about religion on a daily basis  – I’m just not used to reading books where the character is so very preachy. I feel like the author is unintentionally trying to get me to go to church. 

Anyway,  in no particular order, here are my favourite books from the last month:

1. The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. 

Image Credit: Richelle Mead

Here’s a disclaimer: I’m not normally into paranormal. I don’t read books I can’t relate to, or that don’t have a love story in some way. I got dragged to go see the VA movie, and after that, I was hooked – I read all 6 VA books, and the sequel series, Bloodlines, in three days. They’re AMAZING. 

They’re kind of scary (actually, no, a normal person wouldn’t find them scary – I find them scary, but I literally get scared at Disney movies, so obviously don’t go off me), but they’re also thrilling, they have multiple love interests (including Dimitri and Rose <3) , and they’re heartbreaking and relatable and just the BEST. 

2. Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson. 

Image Credit: Morgan Matson

This book is just plain cute. The protagonist, Taylor and her family return to the Lake where they used to summer, up until five years ago – when Taylor did something that betrayed both her best friend and her boyfriend. Forced to confront the friends she left behind, as well as live with a family tragedy, Taylor realises that sometimes, running away won’t solve her problems – no matter how big the urge to do so is. 

I actually didn’t expect it to be so good – I was on a bit of a reading hiatus after VA, and I started about five different books and got to the first few pages, before giving up (this happens sometimes, and I take solace in my TV… haha).  Second Chance Summer I made my whole way through. It actually reminded me of a Nicholas Sparks novel for teenagers (which is a good thing, in my opinion). If you like books about teenage romance, and the importance of friends and family, you’ll like this book. 

3. Roomies by Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando. 

Image Credit: Sara Zarr & Tara Altebrando

This book really reminded me of me and my Canadian penpal. Although we’ll never be college roommates, like the girls in this book, we’ve shared secrets, problems and basically treated each other like our own personal diaries (especially me). We’ve never met, yet, over the years (either 3 or 4 or 5, I can’t remember) we’ve become one of each other’s best friends. 

Anyway – back to the book! In this book, two girls who are randomly assigned as roommates in college, introduce themselves over email before ever meeting each other in real life. They spend months sharing secrets, asking each other for advice, and talking about things that are too hard to talk to anyone else they know. Whilst not as good as Second Chance Summer or VA, this book is really good – and I especially love how it is written from the perspective of two different characters, instead of just one. 

All of these books were excellent – I thoroughly recommend them! (and, actually, I will probably try and force everyone I know to read them, just so I can be like “OH MY GOSH AND HOW ABOUT WHEN THIS HAPPENED AHHHH”.. ) 

Oh, and also – if you feel like reading any other blog posts I’ve written, you can head to, where I also write, (under the alias of ‘Little Miss Sarcastic’). 

What about you? What are the best books you’ve read lately? Or, if you’re more of a movie person, what are the best movies you’ve seen lately?


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