Veronica Mars Movie: A Review

Image Credit: Bros Studios
Image Credit: Bros Studios

So, I saw the Veronica Mars movie.  I thought it was really good – but not great.


Logan. I love Logan. When he gives Veronica one of his protective hugs, I feel all melty inside.

Veronica. She was as sassy as ever, especially with the whole “tantric love making” quip.


I liked how  Weavil was now “good”, and the fact that Mac and Wallace were both in it.


The Bonnie Deville murder scenario. I felt like that was okay, but could have been better – I mean, come on, the Lily Kane murder storyline was so much better, and they’ve had nine years to work on this murder scenario.

Keith, all alone. Why does he not have a girlfriend/ wife again by now?! It’s been nine years, people.

How no mention of Lily nor Duncan was in the movie. Seriously?! Not even a postcard from Duncan in Australia? A visit from his daughter, come to see the mysterious Veronica Mars whom Duncan talks about so much? Not even the ghost of Lily, haunting Veronica and telling her she should so obviously be with Logan and not Piz?


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